just a few words to say the hand cart is progressing and i start working on the chassis Tues 3rd.  the picture below is of the catering/storage box which will sit on the back of the cartcart3434andcart box

19/06/18    The MFA ASP course is now building to a conclusion which of course the finale is an exhibition in the cooper gallery Dundee. Although presently at the planning stage for this exhibition, i should feel excited about this i am more concerned as to how i can best show my Art practice, being almost entirely based in the outdoors, in the ” white cube space called a gallery?”

I have decided i should attempt to engage with the public and offer information in a number of ways explaining what my art practice is about. to do this i plan on showing my multi functional hand cart, which will accompany me on the walks i plan to undertake and serve as a mobile outdoor workspace/catering/ shadow puppet theatre,  i have designed and constructed, (pictures to follow) this will as in an outdoor setting form the centre piece to my art practice.

Dundee artist Ken Bambury  just  started masters course Art Society and publics, looking forward to meeting and seeing new fellow students and their work, possibilities I hope for collaborating as i have ideas about collaboratively making very large scale  land art work.

My art now is aligning itself with a more land art feel hence my interest in making and the revival of traditional skills I am now researching ancient  fire lighting techniques, metal forging, and stone balancing.

28/01/2018   My practice is still developing, now i am looking at the whole experience of a journey into wild spaces, to produce art work and using this as a way to facilitate people  in  engaging with  nature.  To date i have been researching an area which has been familiar to me for many years, it is the cairngorm national park in particular corrie fee area it is a renowned international, site of scientific interest, due to its unique geology and there for the many rare sub arctic alpine plants in the area. at this stage i feel this will undoubtedly lead to some kind of botanic art. unfortunately i cant get out there due to weather conditions and the amount of snow to observe these plants.|so i wil content myself with looking through  university archives of this area as i believe the university had a field hut in the area.



Taking part in university botanical garden “plant power day” work shop for making flutes/whistles out of Japanese knotweed hoping for good weather.



another workshop at ninewells community garden, great success 10 new happy whistle makers.

ninewells garden w/shop

Next workshop is not until October as part of  Blairgowrie and Rattary Art festival.




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