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This is the first public announcement of the proposed new project happening next door!

My art practice is changing to more of a social and public engagement excercise with current practices running art activities for the social prescribing initiative, and involving myself with initial the planning stages of the  development of a new council funded community garden project which is literally  on my back door step.


Watch this space things are going to change very quickly (i hope)

another flute workshop booked Dundee botainic gardens 2018

and landart day Dundee botanic gardens 2018


Another workshop booked for flute making.2017

ninewells garden w/shop

Went on sketching trip today enjoying the nice weather, ended up with another of my planned bridge composition all done on site with charcoal .

DIGHTY CHARCOAL   This one is the second bridge over the Burn from Forfar Rd towards Fintry  It will be another oil painting in the same format as the rest. 2ft x 1ft.

I am planning a series of 6 or 7 painting of bridges over the Dighty Burn  I have. started painting two of these and have another three sketches to make,will post the progress of these as and when I develop them.

WP_20170629_18_15_47_Pro_LI (2)[1072] This the first one of Happyhillock bridge


Some paintings from my degree show


some sketches of Dundee street people




At present its all very busy at the studios preparing for the degree shows in May.  I am working a large scale oil painting see below  for section of the painting


Dipper on the Dighty


I have recently put a proposal into a garden project in St Maddoes near Glencarse for a sculptural piece. here are my first concept sketches.

WP_20170305_17_03_35_Pro_LI (2)

great news the good people of St Maddoes church liked my negative space sculpture  design and have asked to progress this with a detailed plan and costings

great news!! But very busy this week and next with presentations for assessment and degree showpresentation, and workshop to run at Dundee Botanics on 21/05/17 but will get St Maddoes project design drawn and visit local saw mills






This is a sculptural  piece from college 3 yrs ago strangely with similar theme  of environmental threats, as my present work.this work is an attempt to draw attention to plasctic,s polluting our  seas.

i am currently working on very large-scale painting 7ft x8ft of giant hogweeed.

This is what has been taking up most of my time recently the background and base layer of the plant will be air brushed,  with details added by conventional painting in acrylics.


latest update on Hogweed painting

following  recent feedback i have decided to re-do paper edges of this image so all change  next post eeeek!!!


next weeks work

20/11/16 Today,s frosty Weather was good news to me for taking photos, these are my attempts to translate the small glimpses of clear bright light shining through autumn leaves and the cold blues of ice and frost into reasonable pictures and are where the inspiration for my paintings comes from.

sun1-037         sun1-028        sun1-042   Ken Bambury

After recording,  tracking  and photographing otter sign in the Dighty  Water I have recieved e-mail from “!I Record ” National Biodiversity Network gateway have finally verified my ottter record. 03/12/16.