week 1.

So now its the end of my fine art degree studies. I am planning a new series of paintings looking at how wildlife interacts, both positively and negatively,  in our modern urban environments. So be prepared for some unusual and unique subjects in  my  paintings. I already have some ideas to do with mobile masts, and rooftops. Looking forward to getting started it is my intention to keep a regular blog going on my progress..

week 2

other art work

thumb   dighty-close-up-and-knotweed-016

Thumb piano

This was one of the items made as part of my course work in 3rd year it is made from bicycle part and spring rake and wood from an old drawer.

i am currently working on a set of bagpipes made from Japanese Knotweed stems  and an strange alien sounding Slovakian flute called a Fujara made from and Elder limb.pictures to follow.

ken bambury