Ken Bambury Dundee artist

I have now matriculated onto D.J.C.A.D. masters of fine arts, art society and publics course, a big challenge for me pushing my educational limits! But so far so good,trying to, engage with a local community centre as this course is all about Art and the publics interaction, not.hing heard yet.

I have started researching “land art” which is fascinating and very engaging see my latest attempts in my gallery.

So now its the end of my fine art degree studies. I am planning a new series of paintings looking at how wildlife interacts, both positively and negatively,  in our modern urban environments. So be prepared for some unusual and unique subjects in  my  paintings. I already have some ideas to do with mobile masts, and rooftops. Looking forward to getting started it is my intention to keep a regular blog going on my progress.

Started first of series includes looking at how wildlife pigeons and plants, buddlejah reclaiming building. Will post soon

Update see gallery for above painting now complete.

I have been asked if I would like to submit work for the Dundee botanical garden book project. Hope to do one or two botanical paintings. Have completed one so far a botanical study of Eucalyptus tree. Another one under way of the Monkey puzzle tree.will post soon.

Also working on oil paintings of the bridges over the Dighty burn. Have completed one so far, with another two started. will post soon