Masters results are in, I have just been to collect my white envelope and opened it to find I now have a masters degree  in  fine art, Art Society and Publics with a “distinction.”

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  1. Hi Ken, I couldn’t find an email address for you so I hope this reaches you through your website. Congratulations on passing your degree with distinction !!!
    My husband Dave and I bid for one of your paintings at the Stobfest this year (I was singing in the library as part of my group Just 3Folk. We were lucky enough to win the bid. It is the painting of a Dundee Street scene from The Overgate. I just wanted to say how much we like the painting which hangs in the hall where my guitar pupils / parents / friends etc come and go, and your painting gets many compliments. Do you have an exhibition of your work anywhere? Best wishes, Anne Hamilton


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